Meet Joe Patterson

Joe Patterson and his wife Colleen understand the challenges facing today’s families as they work to raise their four children. That’s what propelled Joe to get involved in public service and eventually run for the City Council. Joe’s top priority is to make our community a better place to live, work and raise a family.

Joe graduated with a B.A. in Government from California State University Sacramento and was selected for the post-graduate Jesse M. Unruh Assembly Fellowship where he began his career working in the California State Assembly.

For the past 15 years, Joe has worked in the public policy and political arena helping community leaders, businesses and organizations navigate complex issues.  Joe was recognized by the California State Assembly as being “respected by his peers for his policy acumen, strategic instincts, and political skills.”  As an elected official himself and former Mayor, he uniquely understands the interplay between policy and effective issue engagement.

In November 2016, Joe was elected to the Rocklin City Council as the top-vote getter and served as its Mayor in 2019. Re-elected in 2020, he also served for 5 years as the Treasurer of the Rocklin Public Safety Foundation and sits on several local boards and commissions.