Joe on the Issues

Protect Our Liberty

During the height of the pandemic, Californians had their eyes opened to the fact that at any given moment an executive power can eliminate precious freedoms we all enjoy as Americans. Joe Patterson will oppose the ridiculous government mandates and laws that intrude on our individual freedoms. Joe will keep our schools open and fight to establish control at the local level where it belongs.

Protect Our Quality of Life

Our area is home to some of the best schools, abundant natural resources and beauty, and it routinely ranks as one of the top areas to live work and raise a family. As a small business owner and the father of four young children, protecting our local quality of life isn’t just a priority, it is essential. Joe won’t let state policy ruin what we have built locally and he won’t let the state get in between parental rights period.

Make Crime Illegal Again – Support Local Law Enforcement

Small businesses won’t invest in a community if it is under threat. Families won’t move to our neighborhoods if they aren’t safe. Joe Patterson is endorsed by nearly every single local and statewide law enforcement organization because of his strong support for the men and women working to keep us safe. The soft-on-crime policies being forced on us are making the jobs of our law enforcement less safe, our schools more dangerous and forcing businesses to move elsewhere. Joe will make sure criminals are held accountable and law enforcement is fully-equipped to do their jobs.

Rebuilding Our Infrastructure

California has a $68 billion budget surplus and has the nation’s highest gas taxes that should be funding our state’s road infrastructure. So why are our roads and infrastructure failing? Joe Patterson will get answers and secure funding from the state to repair our broken infrastructure and work to keep local funds local.

Protect Prop 13 and Provide Tax Relief

Prop 13 is California’s landmark law that protects homeowners from skyrocketing property tax rates. Prop 13 is the single greatest reason most Californian’s living on a fixed income are able to live in the State. This is something vital to protect. Joe will fight to protect Prop 13 and is why he is endorsed by the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association. California is in the midst of a $68 billion surplus, this is money taxpayers deserve back. We need it returned. This isn’t for Gavin Newsom to hand out to whoever he chooses.