Governor signs fentanyl bill authored by Rocklin Assemblyman Patterson

By Hayley Repetti

Oct. 19, 12:30 PM

A bill created to hold fentanyl dealers accountable was signed by Governor Gavin Newsom on Oct. 17, according to a press release.

Assemblyman Joe Patterson (R-Rocklin) authored the bill in February. AB 890 holds people accountable for fentanyl-related crimes by requiring courts to order fentanyl and synthetic opiate education programming approved by the State Department of Public Health, if available, for those convicted.

“Not only does AB 890 ensure a probationer receives services on fentanyl rehabilitation, those who are convicted will have to complete a course and will no longer be able to say that they did not know the dangerous effects of fentanyl. As I have said since day one, we must take a multi-pronged approach to fully address the fentanyl crisis, including education, treatment and accountability,” Patterson said. “The signing of AB 890 not only provides critical treatment in the form of rehabilitation services but also accountability to ensure those peddling this poison in our communities are held accountable.”

Now that Newsom has signed the bill, it will go into effect in January 2024.

Since the start of the fentanyl epidemic in the last few years, Placer County has focused on spreading awareness regarding the dangers of fentanyl and counterfeit drugs. Placer County sponsored AB 890.

“I applaud Assemblyman Joe Patterson for his leadership and dedication to the fentanyl crisis,” said Placer County District Attorney Morgan Gire. “Our office understands the importance of education and accountability, which this program will provide. As Placer County continues to show leadership through this epidemic, AB 890 uses a collaborative and innovative approach to continue our fight.”

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